Frquently Asked Question

Do I have to pay any fee to register on this site as user?

A No, you need not have to pay any registration fees for our site. Docttocare is free to use.

What are the benefits of using Docttocare?

A Docttocare allow the patients to conveniently schedule their appointments with the doctors via online medium thus saving their precious time, money and energy. Moreover it works as visual guide with 360 degree virtual tours & information written by health experts on varied topics like diets, diseases, exercises, yoga, meditation etc. docttocare.com enables the patient to avail via phone/online consultations with doctors thus paving the way for quick remedial action. Ask health queries from registered doctors. You will also enjoy the privilege to book appointments online or through our call center / online slots. It also gives the list of doctors, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes & path labs located across India.

After appointment booking, do I have to make a call to doctor before going for appointment?

A Though not obligatory as Docttocare has the facility to notify both doctor and patient/customer as soon as appointment booking is confirmed by doctor, it is advisable to confirm about the same for your own convenience and ease.

What is the time period for which in advance which I can book an appointment?

A You can book the desired doctor depending on his/her availability and time slot on given day and date.

What are the things that I have to take care of before going on appointment?

A One can keep the confirmation number made available by docttocare.com on your email or mobile as text message.

What if I arrive late as per the schedule of appointment?

A If you arrive late for an appointment, then it will totally depend upon the availability of doctor. We are not responsible for any action of the doctor.

What if I am not able to attend the confirmed appointments?

A If you think that you are not able to attend the appointment, then you should cancel the appointment with proper time remaining for appointment.

What is the minimum time before that I can cancel my appointment?

A If you are unable to attend the doctor then cancel the appointment as early as you can for the convenience of other patients in general and doctor in particular.

What if a doctor cancels my appointment?

A Normally it will not happen, If doctor cancels the appointment then you will get confirmation by SMS and doctor might contact you personally.